The AMHE project


The «European wetland ambassadors» (AMHE) project under Erasmus + is part of a European context where the social treatment of the long-term unemployment benefits from significant means, mobilised for example by the European Social Fund.

These initiatives of social treatment are based in particular on integration actions carried out by the local authorities ,integration associations/companies or Charitable associations which consist of integrating the target audiences into a collective process of community service work that meets the needs of the community, paid (low), accompanied by training and monitoring. Over the past twenty years, they have become more focused on the following environmental issues.

However, despite the interest of these systems, the rates of return to employment are generally low. Therefore, AMHE does not approach the problem so much from the point of view of the organisation or the efficiency of the integration sites. The aim is to improve the skills development, recognition and professional reintegration of the beneficiaries of these integration schemes for river and wetland maintenance.

Le AMHE project

Project undertakes two European challenges:

• to provide quality training and to offer very ambitious and sustainable professional perspectives to people currently excluded from labour market and who are integrated through work economic activities;
• meet the needs of protection and valorisation of the European natural wetlands and rivers, objective supported by the application of the Water Framework Directive which imposes on European communities and member States duties in terms of maintenance, combating pollution, monitoring natural hazards and, more generally, informing the general public.

Target group

The project responds to both:

• to the needs of the publics in integration by bringing them a better qualification, more versatility, enhancing their employability.
• to the needs of the wetland managers by bringing them a new profession enabling more expertise and versatility in their tasks, for a better rate cost/efficiency.

Project aims

The European partnership of the AMHE project proposes to set up a new skills repository that draw up a new profession, those of “wetland ambassador”, by bringing to the training themes currently covered by the active integration organisations on the implementation of the value of wetlands, themes such as environmental mediation, the knowledge of the environment, ecological engineering and a strengthening of transversal and cross-cutting competences and capacity for action.
To do so, all over the 30 months of the project development from the 01/11/2019 – to 30/04/2022 , the partnership will allow to:

Define, test and validate a European pilot job reference system, “European Wetland Ambassadors”
Strengthen the skills of trainers in charge of assisting people in professional integration in associations, training organizations and European local communities so that they accompany and support the implementation of this new professional benchmark.